Preparatory Work and Stages of the Plan

Preparatory work for the Israel Marine Spatial Plan began in late 2013, and its key findings will be analyzed and presented in 2015. The preparatory work for the Israel Marine Spatial Plan has been divided into seven stages. As noted, this report summarizes the first stage. The seven stages are as follows:

A. Collection and Analysis of Data and Knowledge

B. Definition of the Vision, Goals, and Objectives of the Marine Spatial Plan

C. Preparation of Alternative Policy Scenarios 4

D. Analysis and Selection of a Preferred Alternative/Scenario

E. Preparation of a Document Detailing the Selected Policy Plan

F. Adoption of the Policy and Dissemination among Implementers

G. Recommendations for Implementation and Development of Monitoring Guidelines

Notwithstanding the division into seven basic stages, the work itself is not a linear process but, rather, an iterative process in which each stage incorporates feedback from all relevant fields of knowledge, alongside active cooperation with all stakeholders. Accordingly, the aim here is to establish an ongoing, multi-polar, interactive relationship (combining the areas of planning with the planning teams and the stakeholders) across all its stages. This approach will apply to the promotion phase as well as the future process of monitoring and updating.