Israel Marine Plan – Final Plan

In this comprehensive yet concise document, the Israel Marine Plan sets forth policy measures and spatially distinct guidelines that are designed to attain its goals and lead toward its vision. Implementing these planning and management guidelines and measures is supposed to enable a sustainable use of the marine space, reduce conflict and create synergies between them.

In order to attain the goals and lead toward the vision, the Israel Marine Plan proposes an array of policy measures. These measures, applied with the spatially distinct guidelines, appear in the Spatial Structure section, as recommendations for government bodies and other marine space stakeholders to implement.

The policy measures are presented in accordance with the set of 12 goals with which they are associated. However, many of these policy measures are supposed to advance more than one goal, to support the entire framework of the plan and to lead toward its vision. The background and rationale for each of the policy measures is followed by the proposed measures.