The project includes stakeholder teams consisting of representatives from the public and private sectors. Stakeholders were encouraged to attend and give their feedback in bi-monthly workshops, presentations and roundtables, in which every phase and product of the plan was discussed with them. The following entities are represented among the stakeholder groups:

Government Ministries and Agencies:

Prime Minister’s Office

Ministry of Environmental Protection

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Energy and Water

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of the Defense

Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Justice

Foreign Ministry

Ministry of Communications

Treasury Department

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Science and Technology

Other Public Agencies Represented:

Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Israel Ports Authority

Chamber of Shipping of Israel

Israel Natural Gas Lines

Water Authority

Israel Antiquities Authority

Gas Authority

Electric Company

Marine Shippers Union


Adam, Teva V’din (Israel Union of Environmental Defense)


Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI)


Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries in Israel

Fishermen Union (Jaffa, Haifa)

Israel’s National Sailing Union

Center for the Study of Marine Mammals (Mahmal”i)







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Photo’s credit: Israel Bardugo