GIS – Asda project

 It was decided at an early stage to establish a GIS tool that would support existing layers of information as well as the products of the ongoing planning process in an inclusive, flexible, visual, transparent, and participatory manner. This tool will serve all participants (at various levels) and will showcase the plan’s products at its various stages. The GIS constitutes a tool for marine spatial planning in matters of mapping, information, and computerization, and it provides solutions in three pivotal areas of activity with corresponding dedicated interfaces: planning, participation, and management. It will be have various interfaces for various users. The planning component is designed for professional experts and advisors from different disciplines, enabling group dialogue among experts and exchange of spatial and textual information and ideas regarding marine spatial planning in a flexible and visual manner; the participation component is designed for the general public and stakeholders, enabling observation of and reaction to the marine spatial plan’s work products in an interactive, transparent, and participatory manner; lastly the management component is designed for decision makers at various levels, enabling spatial and statistical analysis of the information as well as information-based review of a development scenarios.

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At the moment this tool is available only in Hebrew.